For Kairos Personnel Only - Customer Number ___________________ Booth # ____Date ____


Please Copy and or Print this Application along with The Invoice Below send to
Kairos International ®
172 Palmer Dr.
Clayton, NC 27057
919-550-9830 Fax: 919-550-9736
Email: Attn: Web Booth Dept. , Sharon ?

(Please print legibly or Copy and paste it into an Email and type in your Answers.)
Your Name: _______________________________________Date:_________
Address: ________________________________________________________
City:__________________________________State: ____ Zip: __________
Phone#: __________________________Work:__________________________Cell" ______________________
Nearest Relative for Emergency Contact ________________________________ Ph# ___________________
Email Address: ______________________________________

If you need help paying the Fees to get your Web Booth. Please Check Out our Consignment Program.
* I am sending my Web Booth Setup Fee of $20 today.   Yes ___ No ___
* I am sending Web Booth Setup Fee $20 plus the additions below for a Custom Web Booth.  Yes___No___
* I agree to pay $10 per month as billed to Kairos International for my Basic Standard
  Web Booth Rental Fees. Plus any additional Fees for added maintenance if they occur due to
  Revising my Web Booth Page. ____Yes No____
* I Agree that after I have approved the Web Booth Kairos has designed for me,
   my 1st months Rent is Due at that time of my Approval. Once I approve My Web Booth tol be     
   Published to the Kairos Market Place on the following Wednesday, my 1st months rent will be due.

I Agree_____  I Do Not Agree and Why: ________________________________________

KAIROS MARKET PLACE INVOICE FOR WEB BOOTH PAGE. Paypal Available or Print off and send with your
Application and all Fees acquired.
A Basic -Standard Web Booth Page, a ONE TIME FEE of $20 plus add these extra Enhancements below if
you would like to have these. Its OPTIONAL. If you do not wish to add all these enhancements, you only
need to send in your $20 Setup Fee. Sign Below and we look forward to getting to know you. If you want
more interesting and attractive Web Booth Page, please continue filling out the information below.
*Please add the following to my Web Booth Page and charge me the additional cost
to the Initial $20 Set Up Fees as Specified Below:20.00            

*Add More than 1-3 Items. Additional Items/Graphics and Descriptions
are 2.50 Each.  Number over 1-3 Items I am submitting is        ___  X  $2.50 = $____

*Add a special Background not just a solid color.  I would like to have
___________________ as my background. I am supplying it.      $1.50.

*Kairos design a custom background for me using the colors and Graphics I have listed
or attached! Possibly the Logo you are using now. We will try our best to copy it
and use it on your pages. Scan and send any and all graphics you want to use on your web booth.
Colors:____________________, Images________________________
________________________________________________________________ $3.50

*Add Background Music I supply to my Web Booth. $1.00

*Add Background Music Kairos Designer Supplies – My Favorites are:

*A Divider Bar your Graphic.......................        $1.00               

Custom made from the Background You Want.     $2.50                                                                                

*Add Paypal to your Web Booth. If you have a PayPal Account set you
are welcome to use it. However, we charge an additional $1.50 per item
for the time to set up your items on your PayPal Account. Items ___x $1.50 = $ ______

* Add an Order Form of some type to your Web Booth Page - $5.00
We will be happy to explain to you how to set up your own PayPal Acct.
Just Email Diane at She will explain it.

Please add up the Totals above for each Additional Enhancement you wish to add to the $20 Original Set Up Fee. Highlight that Section print it off and Email it and the Information Statements below  Mail to Kairos International at their address so we may get started on your Web Booth as soon as possible.

Please Initial beside of each question below so that we know you have read and fully understand.

Once we have finalized all that you want on your Web Booth Page, your Fees are paid and we have your Approval…your Web Booth Page should be up and running within 1 week providing we do have all the pertinent information we will need. Initials _______

In the Event you wish to leave as a member of the Market Place and close your Web Booth, please send us a written request as soon as possible. It may take 72 hours to close it down. The only reason Kairos would lock up your Web Booth is for nonpayment of the $10 Rental fee.  Or unless we felt there was some abusive conduct that took place to one of your customers or to one of the employees of the Kairos Marketplace. Initials _______

IF YOU FORSEE THIS IS GOIN TO HAPPEN YOU NEED TO CONTACT OUR HOME OFFICE  IMMEDIATELY! If you are 5 days late with your Web Booth Rental Fee, we will lock your Booth for ten days. After the 10 days are up, and No Payment has been received, the Kairos Market Place Secretary /manager will send a written request to Diane Blackmon,Owner… that it be closed and deleted permanently. If this should happen and you should wish to rejoin you will have to start all over and pay the set up fees all over again. Please send us a letter explaining what is going on, we do understand emergencies and will work with you as much as we can. Initials _______

Normally, the Setup Fees are monies used to pay our help to maintain this Market Place, process Web Booth Submissions to over 4500 search engines on a Monthly Basis.
Presently we are listed on over 80,000 search engines. With more added each month. There are million of them out there. Sorry but we cannot add your Favorite Links to your Web Booth at this time due to the fact we wish our visitors to remain within the Market Place. However, we do urge you to send your Web Booth Link to as many folks as you can to increase immediate traffic to your Web Booth.
Initials _______

But… If you know of someone who would be interested in joining us, please let us know and invite them to join the Kairos Market Place and they can save $5.00 on their Setup Fees if they tell us you sent them! We do have a program for Banner Exchanges also. So either way, have them contact us. Initials _______

See Rules and Regulations Sign it and return it with your Application and Fees Please!