After a shout... " Go To Bed !"

The small little girl wiped a tear from her eyes
and silently hung down her head.
She slowly walked to her bedroom, dark and now all alone
and asked herself inside her heart...
what had she done so terribly wrong?

She could not understand just why her Mommy was always so mad,
for she tried awfully hard to be good and wasn't all that bad.
But it seemed that nothing she ever did... or didn't do... ever
seemed just right,
and she wondered if maybe if she talked to Jesus...
He might hear her prayer's this night.

The little girl dropped down beside her bed and knelt upon her knees
and whispered within the darkness,
"Jesus will you help my Mommy, so she'll start loving me?
Cause I don't understand why I'm not loved anymore for I'm trying to
be good as I know how to be."
Suddenly warmth surrounded her as she was lifted up and held
within strong arms of light.
She opened her eyes to see the
face of Jesus,
for He had come to visit with
this little girl this night.
"Little Child of Love, you need no
longer fear!
       Always remember, I Love you
and I'm always
beside you...yes, I'm always right here.

Your heart is broken this night because you do not understand,
but one day you will know what goes on in the heart's of a grown woman and a man.
You see, My Child, your Mother loves you so very much and even
though she seems to be
always mad,
it's never because of you...No, No, it's because in her heart she is unhappy and sad.

But I shall help your Mother and she shall now begin to see My Love through you.
All you need to do is say everyday 'I Love You like Jesus loves you too!'
Now, sweet little Earth Angel, just believe in what I've said tonight
and tomorrow, you'll then see...
your Mother will be different... for soon she'll walk in My Light.
You see, My Light fills even the saddest heart's with Love and Joy,
yes...very soon she shall know what she must do.
For she shall understand all she needs is to ask and I'll be there for her just as I am always here for you."

Connie Burrow
All Rights Reserved © 1997

And said, Verily I say unto you,  Except ye be converted, and become as  little children,  ye shall not enter into the  kingdom of heaven.

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Grownup's don't know that they can talk to Me as you and I know
they can,
so they try to deal with what they're feeling by themselves and at times blame others...
well, just because they don't understand who  I really AM.

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