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Please read them and if you have any doubts that God answers prayers in this day and time...your heart will be changed for we are all perfect examples that HE still does! Amen
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Thank you kindly. Blessings,
Diane and Connie
From Connie in NC~
I just want to take this time to say I am thankful God found me and saved my soul. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 12 years old, but it wasn't until 30 years later I truly considered myself saved. You see there is a huge difference in acknowledging in public you recognize who Jesus is and that you believe in Him. But you really do not change inside that much until you meet Jesus face to face and He covers you with that precious anointing of warmth that floods your body from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet...it's the most awesome feeling you will ever experience.

I am so thankful God has continued to lead me and guide me thru all my stupid mistakes I've made and never once left me. He has brought me thru a Quadruple Bypass that failed for no special reason and I live on 5 stents now. Praise God I am fine tho'.  I am  unable to hold down a job, but I try my best to do things online to help Jesus in some small way.

He was always there urging me and leading me IF... I would listen to Him, thru' every trial and every mistake, He was always there. I just want to say today and before the world, I Love you so much Lord, and it is my Prayer that you continue to use me if you can, for I truly do not wish to meet you empty handed.

Help me to be more like you lord and encourage others to find that wonderful peace and satisfaction that only the Blood of Jesus can offer us. I pray you all come to know Him as your personal savior for time is drawing near the end, in this life as we know it. Please accept Him this day. Amen?
We will be happy to pray for you anytime ...all you need do is ask. God bless you all,
Connie in NC
From Pat in SC ~
I was brought up in a Christian home with good Christian parents. So I can say I knew about Jesus all my life. But as I grew older, I rebel against my raising. I tried different things in the world to make me happy, but my raising never left me. As the Bible said in
Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. This is so true, no matter what I did or where I went my raising followed me.

Had it not have been for prayers, I would probably be in hell today, but thank God for the prayers that were prayed for me, I am free. Jesus did not leave me but I left him. And when I come back to him he was waiting right where I left him. Jesus has done so many miracles in my life, I can tell you many but one I would like to share is in 1984, I took sick at work, and went to the doctor, and he said I had a virus, well came home and stayed in bed the whole weekend, and on Sunday the preacher came and prayed for me, and he said Lord, rebuke this fever, I knew I was sicker than what I thought I was, and I took my temperature, it was around 105, close to it.

I was taken to the hospital where they wanted to run test, no, my mom said it is her appendix, operate on her, so the doctor said, they would have to do exploratory surgery, but did not know where I would make it or not, or what kind of condition, I would be in.

Well they did the surgery, and found out my appendix had burst, and had formed an abscess. When I woke up, they were surprise, how good I did, I only had to wear a tube in my side for 5 days, I was not sick or nothing, praise God for his healing power. There are so many more miracles I could share, but this is one.

If I die before the rapture, I want to wiggle my toes in the river of Jordan, and I want to see the face of Jesus, and bow at his feet and thank him for dying for me. Jesus is so good, if I can help one person in my life then my living will not have been in vain.

So my friend, I would like to close by saying, if you don't know Jesus, ask him to come into your heart, and accept him. He is there waiting for you, with open arms.

Remember, I want to stroll over Heaven with each of you. If I can be a blessing to anyone please let Connie know, she knows how to get in touch with me. Thank God for good people like her and Diane.

Jesus is coming soon, please get ready. I have heard this all my life but it is winding up time,  my friend, please don't be lost.
Love in Christ,
Pat, S.C.
                            From Diane in NC ~
                            A lot of you have read parts of my 
                            testimony from knowing me as the   
                            designer of the Gospel Pin, but few of                          you know just how important my early years were to any success I have had.

I was raised by wonderful parents that were very much in love and married very young (16 and 15 years old).  I was a product of their love.  I should praise God every day that my parents decided to get married and have me rather than abort me.  I could have been one of those statistics, but instead God had another plan.  I am just thankful my parents followed it to the best of their ability. 

They raised me in the Presbyterian Church.  My sister and I were dropped off every Sunday Morning, Sunday night and every Wednesday night for Bible study.  I can honestly say I don't remember much about what I learned from that.  I even went to Confirmation in the 7th grade and went up to the front of the church after a week of studies about what Jesus had done for me on Calvary.  I followed the Preacher in a prayer confessing my faith, but I honestly I don't know if I got saved from Hell that day or not.  I only know my life of being a mischievous teenager did not change much.

I didn't have a life altering experience until I was in my early thirties.  Until then I lived much like I wanted.  Nothing too bad,---I WAS A GOOD PERSON--- probably on my way to hell.  BUT, I had a grandmother that had always prayed for me.  After she was gone my mother-in-law took up the task. 

I learned so much from my mother-in-law on how to push someone away from the kingdom and then later just how to get them there.  She use to nag me constantly about the lack of Church in our lives, until one day we made a move to my husbands home town where of course, my mother-in-law lived.  I was so afraid she would be nagging me every Sunday about Church that I tried to avoid her.  After a few weeks, I noticed she wasn't asking me about Church.  Little did I know the sneaky little woman was praying for the Holy Spirit to get a hold of me.  And Boy did He!  I started crying at messages on billboards, on the radio, on TV, even as I passed a church I would start to cry uncontrollably and did not know why! 

I encouraged my husband to start visiting Churches in the area.  When she saw that she invited us to a Revival at her Baptist Church.  We went and I hung on every word the Evangelist (who just happened -right- to be from my hometown- some coincidence, huh?).  When he gave the Altar call I couldn't get up there fast enough to say the sinners prayer.  As a matter of fact, the next three churches we visited had me at the altar doing it all over again until I felt I had gotten it right.  I tell everyone I got saved at least  three times.

I learned a lot from my mother-in-laws prayers.  We joked about it later.  She said she shut up nagging and got on her knees.  Thank you, Mrs. B.

That experience taught me something. After raising my children in church and then seeing them go their own ways over the years, I was able to mostly pray and only nag a little!  Right guys?

Praise God, He always had them in the palms of His hands and has never let go.  They are two beautiful grown God loving adults with families of their own, raising them right, just as mother and daddy tried to with us.

Proverbs  22:6:  "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

God Bless you all for visiting our site.  I pray it has been a true blessing in some way. 
From Diane - Raleigh, NC
From Ruby in AZ~
I am going to tell you a story, a true story because it’s my own story.  When my daughter was killed April 2, 2000, I felt my heart come out of my chest.  There was nothing more painful in all my life.  I cried so hard, I literally broke my ribs from crying.  About a week after I buried my precious angel, I felt like I had nothing left in life to live for.  I was in such a deep depression that I went through the motions, not really living. 
My sister had gone to Washington DC to see her daughter.  I had sat down at my computer and I had decided to end my life.  I had nothing left to live for.  Boy was I wrong, I had this little boy that had no one but me, and I couldn't even see that, I was wallowing in self-pity, my loss. Not regarding the fact he had just lost his mommy.  Anyway, I was writing her a letter and telling her I was going to end my life and what I wanted done.  I didn't want any funeral, I just wanted to be cremated and my ashes put with my girl so we could be together. 
While I was writing, I saw this name appear in my buddy list.  grandpa123. I kept looking at that name and thinking to myself who is grandpa123.  I have never written to this person, how his name got on my email list and buddy list.  So I stopped writing to my sister and I M.D. this person.  I said who are you? Why are you on my buddy list?  I didn't want him on my buddy list, I didn't know him. Who did he think he was getting on my buddy list?  He wrote me back and said, I am grandpa, and I said well you’re not my grandpa so get lost.  he said to me,” do you know Jesus?"  I said well I thought I did, but I don't care to know him anymore, He said why is that?  I said because he took my girl away from me.  She was only 25 years old with a little boy and god took her.  I was so bitter, I hated god at that time.  I just wanted my girl back.  He said what are you doing right now?  I said I am writing to my sis because when I get done here, I have a bottle of pills I will take for lunch and she will know what to do next.  He asked me for my phone number.  He said he wanted to talk to me.  I figured what the heck; I am going to die in a few anyway who cares.  That man called me and he talked to me for almost 2 hours long distance.  He was from Missouri.  He was a minister. Everyday there after he would either Jim me or call me to make sure I was ok. He made voice messages to randy (my grandson) and he would tell him how his mommies was in heaven because god had work for her to do up there.  For two years that man wrote to me daily.  Then one day I didn't hear from him and this went on for two weeks, nothing from him.  I thought he is tired of me. Then I got an email from his daughter.  Grandpa had died and gone to heaven.  His wife of 60 years was will ill and he sure didn't want to go before her, he said someone needed to take care of her.  Well that wasn't the case.  God called him home too.  He told me when god called him home, he would see Tracie and tell her that I missed her and loved her even more.  Well 10 days after grandpa died, so did his wife.  He went ahead of her to meet her on the other side so she wouldn't have to cross over alone. 
This man was such a blessing in my life.  He made me see that I had wonderful child here that my daughter left in my care and he told me that she trusted me to take care of him for her.  That’s exactly what I am doing.  I am taking care of my daughter’s child for her.  I am keeping her alive in his heart and should and mind.  There is never a day go by that we don't' talk about his mommies.  It’s been almost 6 years now but we love her as much today as we did the day she was killed.  She was just getting ready to get married, they had just bought there home, she had a wonderful job, and a wonderful man to be her husband but god seen to it to take her. I am no longer bitter about it.  She is in a much better place.  She has lots of relatives up there with her so I am sure she is having a wonderful time.  

Yes I do get depressed because I miss her so much especially this time of the year.  I have to cry at least once a day and then I am ok.  just thought I would share this with you.  here is a picture of my girl, we had just had her wedding picture taken for the paper. they do that here, that way you don't have to wait.  she is my pride and joy and I love her so much, 
Ruby in AZ
From Martha in WVA ~
Even tho' I was saved in a Methodist church in North Fork,WVA at a early age,  I went wild, got mixed up with the wrong people and was almost killed in 1971 in a car wreck. The car went over an embankment and all I could do was call on Jesus.  Praise God, He saved me once again. I searched for a long time in a lot of churches and was led to become a Catholic, because they seemed to really love me. As time has go own, I do know that God has something for me to do but has not revealed it to me as of yet.  I have been through a lot of trails and climbed a many a mountain but my calling is not over yet. He will let me know this much I do know I wait upon my lord to tell me what to do. Please pray that God will reveal exactly what He would want me to do with the rest of my life. Thank you for the opportunity to share a part of my testimony with you. 
Connie I love you,
Martha - WVA
From Sandy in Indiana ~
My testimonial:
I was born again at the young age of 7 in 1956.  I can remember it as if it were yesterday.  It was quite an experience for me.  However, in 1979 I started questioning my salvation since I felt like at the age of 7, I really did not have a clear understanding of what being saved truly meant.  So, I rededicated my life to Christ at that time.  There were some rocky times in the years ahead but the Lord saw me through them.  At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The prognosis at that time was not good.  I went through Chemo therapy and surgery at that time.  My daughter had become heavily involved with drugs and was heading down the wrong path (even though she was born again).  I firmly believe that the Lord healed me of my cancer at that time because he had more work for me to do.  The Lord helped me to get my daughter totally drug free and somewhat back on the right path.  She was not actively attending church but was doing better.  She went on to get married at age 20 but to a man who was not born again.  They have since had two children.  Once again, in 2003 I got cancer of the chest wall.  The Lord still had more plans for me though.  This time with the cancer, my daughter and her husband both realized that miracles had taken place in my life and I had received a gift from God.  My son-in-law was saved at this time!  Now, my daughter and her family all attend church regularly and are good Christian folks.  My grandchildren are learning all about the Lord!  As you can tell, sometimes we don't understand why things happen but the Lord always has a plan for us.  In my situation, I was blessed to have cancer (am currently being treated but considered in remission) and because of this, I can rest in peace about the future of my daughter, son-in-law and my two beautiful grandsons.  God has blessed me much more than I could ever deserve. 
Bless You Connie for the work you are doing!
Sandy - Indiana

From Ashley - Nevada ...I am a Cancer Survivor~      
My name is Ashley Strande , I was diagnosed with Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma in June of 2005 It was a blow to me .My life was upside down . I was very upset and couldn't believe it . I was in the days , I cried and cried. I didn't know which way to turn. I went to my Cancer Doc, and I was so upset. I even Questioned God , Why Me !! I asked for prayers in the online Christian group I was in. I was so depressed I didn't and someone sent me a religious song to play. I don't remember the name of the song , but any way I down loaded it and played it all day.

Karen in NC~
             I was saved when I was 14 years                      old....I went to church all my                               adult life but I really didn't have a                      close relationship with God until I became sick with some weird virus.  The doctors didn't know what it was and just told me to go home and drink plenty of fluids and take aspirin, I kept getting worse and worse and I thought surely I was dying...I prayed more during that horrible two weeks than I've ever prayed in my life.  Jesus spoke to me in one of those prayers and told me just to trust in him.  It was very hard for me to do when I ached so bad and could not eat or get out of bed....I lost 20 pounds in one week and didn't feel like I would last much longer when during a long prayer I could feel the presence of Jesus walk into my body and from that moment I was well.  I haven't told many people about that time for fear that they'd think I was crazy. 

I thank God for healing me that day because it turned my life around and showed me that I could trust Him to help me in everything.  Since then I have gone through a divorce, several broken relationships and a horrendous battle with breast cancer, but through all that I know without a doubt that God loves me and has let me endure these things only to help me grow closer to Him and  to strengthen my faith in Him and to trust Him not only for big things in my life but little things as well.  Now my biggest battle is with lonliness but I have God there as my friend and I know that no matter what happens I am never truly alone and that I can always depend on Him and talk to Him and with His help I can make it through anything Satan tries to throw at me.

Karen In North Carolina
I cried and cried when I played it. The more I played that song the more I cried & begged God for his help. It was hard, I prayed so hard that I seen red.  I told my hubby Joe about that and he looked at me kinda funny.  I told him that the Lord had cured my Cancer. I went to take my Chemo and nothing was said about my praying so hard. On my third treatment they sent me for a Cat Scan , My Cancer was gone. I told my hubby that The Lord cured my Cancer .I prayed so hard I seen red . But I had 3 more treatments left to take. It made me so sick, I had to have the rest of my Chemo ,because it is a series of treatments I had to take. To make sure that I was ok. It was a struggle for me and the Chemo made me weak and sick, but I knew that God would get me thought it.  I pray everyday and night and I know that God brought me thought my Cancer. I am very close to God and it sure did change my life. And I do believe in miracles .God done a miracle on me. And Believe me prayers do work. I am living proof of that. Thank You Jesus for saving my life.
Hugs, Ashley - Nevada 
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