I dropped to my knees as others too began to pray
And at that very moment, I knew in my soul this precious man Jesus,
was dying for me today.

I could not believe the suffering we had caused Him to go through,
Just to show us who He was and how much He loves us all too!
Why was the Cross necessary, we might ask ourselves today?
Because of mine and your hardened hearts, God knew there was no other way!
To prove just how much He loves you and me,
He sent us His son Jesus…all we must do is believe.

Connie S. Burrow
All Rights Reserved © 1997
Last night I dreamed that I went back to the time of Jesus day.
I became part of the crowds that followed the soldiers
As they forced Him up Calvary’s way.
The sights I saw…I will never forget, the experience…it became so real.
And I knew in my heart…this was a message for me,
For His pain I needed to feel.
I remember, I walked slowly up toward that old rugged cross,
For His face I just had to see.

That man! That man, there in the middle, who could this man, really be?
I turned my face the other way at the sight of Him hanging there in pain,
while a crown of thorns pierced His head, all I could do was hang mine in shame.
There were spikes driven deep in His hands and feet, torn flesh deep in His side, and this man had to hang there, until this man died!
In horror, I listened as the soldiers cursed Him and laughed at His Holy Name, “Jesus of Nazareth”…was from where they say this man came.
I heard He performed miracles and spoke of God’s forgiving love.
And some say He even proclaimed the Father had sent Him from up above.
When suddenly…some of the people began cheering,
While there were others who began to cry!
Then the dark, gray sky began to rumble, and somehow I knew
This humble, sinless man was just about to die.
I saw His Mother kneel down at the foot of the cross
And bowed her head there in silent prayer.
Everyone got deathly quiet as a cold chill seemed to fill the air.
Oh the agony! The pain…I could see it upon His face!
But we all just watched Him hanging there in silence,
Not really knowing what was about to take place.
Right then grief overtook my heart.
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