Hello, my name is Diane Blackmon.  Friends call me Di’. I want to personally welcome you to Kairos Place, a place of inspiration and encouragement.  Kairos means in God’s timing and for a time such as this, He has called me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ Internationally. Not only through the jewelry designs He has given me, which I prefer to call “The Ultimate Witnessing Tools”, but through tools like Inspirational Writings, called 'Sermonettes from the Heart of God', beautiful Southern Gospel songs available for recording, as well as all the various Paint Shop Pro graphics you see throughout our website all created by my friend,
Connie Burrow.
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Graphics Disclaimer
All Tags, Headers, Backgrounds and Graphics seen on the Gospel Pin (R) web site were created by Kairos Publishing.  Our Webmaster, Connie Burrow used images, tubes and various portions of artwork received in  online Christian PSP Graphics Group who share found or received images. The original artists are unknown in all of these special Tags, Backgrounds and Headers we created. Only partial images from various artwork were used to create our own graphics.  These images are not used for any commercial resale. They are only borrowed to create a valuable Biblical statement, Titles, Tags and story illustrations to enhance this Web Site.

If you are or know the original artist of any of the images seen on our web site, please let us know ASAP. We will promptly remove any of our Graphics at the original Artists request. We would greatly appreciate  receiving permission to use what we have created and will be more than willing to acknowledge the original Artist and give them proper Credit for creating such beautiful art.

"All Designs by Di" are copyright protected.  The Gospel Pin(R) and all pieces with a Gospel Pin symbol on them are protected by a Registered Trade Mark, as well as the name, "Gospel Pin"(R) and the company name Kairos International (R).  Thank you for respecting these Copyrights and Trade Marks."

This the front of the bookmark where your pin will be mounted.  The back of the card tells the rest of the story
My husband, Doug & I have
been married over 36 wonderfully blessed years!
The whole Blackmon family; Amanda & husband, Jason with little baby Cameron and brother Kore,' along with my son Gary and his wife, Sarah and son Spencer.  We're so blessed!!!!  Of course, Doug and I are the matriarchs in "Duke" blue.
My dearest friend, Connie who did all the Inspirational pages!
E-mail: diana.blackmon48@gmail.com