The Lord spoke to me about you today,
ever so gently, I heard Him whisper and say,

"There's a loved one in your midst you are troubled about,
for she suffers pain filled with confusion and doubt.
Her heart appears heavy and at night she can't rest,
for it is in her belief, I'm putting her to a test.

I want you to go see that woman today
and assure her My Holy Spirit will help her find a way.
For the struggle she's going through is small in My sight
and My Spirit shall once again lead her to My light.
Her prayers have been heard, Angels are well on their way.
They’re bringing her an answer;  it might arrive today.

Give her My Love and she may now enjoy peace,
this problem she suffers is just about to cease.
I've tried to tell her Myself many times in the past  but My voice she
just doesn't hear.
But let her know as I promised
in My Word,
I will not forsake her for
you see, I am always right there.
Now go and share this message I now share with you,
for I can use you to quiet her mind as I've tried to do.
She will know in her heart when this message you bring
that there's no need to worry... No, don't worry about a thing!
For I always listen to My Children when they shall seek to find
an answer to a Prayer, it's only a matter of time!"

Connie Sue Burrow
All Copyrights Reserved © 1997

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