"With this pen and paper, write down these words
I speak to you.
I want you to tell all mankind... what I'm
just about to do.
Many think that the end is surely coming soon,
and the world as they know it will stop turning from
all the destruction, sadness and doom.

But tell them...if they know Me, they shall
not have to face,
all the horrible events that shall surely soon to take place,
upon this great Earth...I created for you and Me,
for my only intentions... were a Garden, you see.
But satan with his cunning deceitfulness, tried
to convince mortal man long ago...that he could be a God
and they themselves would not have to die.
A God you will never be,  but the truth is all of mankind,
forever shall survive,
either in a place of fire and fury...or an eternal Heaven,
yes...your Spirit...shall always be alive.
When the time comes, there shall be some
who will not suffer My wrath
for I see here in My Book,
they chose to believe in My Son Jesus,
and continued to follow Him down His path.
One that will surely lead a man to
wonderful pleasures far beyond his own imagination.
to a new Life where we shall all live together,
when My work on Earth is finally done.
Tell the people that Life without Me... is useless,
unless My Holy Spirit they know,
for He is a Light that I placed within your hearts,
so that...to others...My Love...they'd be willing to show.
Tell them that the Life on Earth, you have so depended
upon in the years of your past,
is coming to an end...and this great change
has already started, and its one that will forever last.

A new Life I'll then start, one without
deceit and sin.
So take heed...for this could very well be the last time they're ever invited to enter in."

Connie S. Burrow
All Rights Reserved© 1997