The Lord had watched as long as He could,
waiting for His people to change, knowing... they never would.
He had decided to come up with a plan for all mankind,
that would offer them a better way of life, if they so choose to find.

His voice as a billowing sound of thunder, He summoned His Angels to appear.
The Angels humbly obeyed for the Lord’s Words they honored and yet they did fear!

“My Son, come forth…for there’s work that you must do,
and it's because You are My Son, that I have chosen You.”
God then took Jesus by His royal hand,
and led him to a place called Earth... a sinful, wicked land.

Jesus looked out over the sights before Him, in the past had been untold,
for now in His Garden there was no longer beauty to behold.
“Look, My Son... the misery here that you now see.
These Children are dying, they must be set free.

My Garden of Eden has withered away…yes, slowly it's being destroyed,
for the evil one still crawls upon the Earth, just as he did before.
My people are too weak to overcome his deceit and his doom,
for they continue to follow him and their death is sure to be soon.

They know not Love as we know it here,
nor the peace…or the river of Life that flows so crystal clear.
For they suffer in their own sins and regrets
and have no comfort in the times they see.
I must now do something…I MUST SEND THEE!

There is no other worthy in Heaven or Earth to send.
No other could rescue them and free them from their sins.
I must help them and show them the true and right way
and YOU must be the sacrifice that I’m sending today.”

Jesus had heard the sorrow in His Father’s voice and truly understood.
Yes, He knew of His Father’s pain down deep in His heart…and He would
go wherever His Father asked Him,
for He knew no matter what took place, they would never be apart.
The Lord began to explain what Jesus must now do,
and just how He could save His Children by offering them His Love now, too.

“You shall be born unto a virgin, called Mary,
humble young woman, I have chosen already.
An Angel will appear to her and proclaim to her Your birth,
a miracle they will surely know is not of this Earth.
As you grow up, you shall teach My Words well,
in the synagogues, as the prophets that already now attempt to tell,
the Laws of Moses in the olden days of the past,
but New Laws shall be given unto You, for the old Laws will never last.

But before it's your time to appear, I shall send forth another to prepare you the way.
He will be called, John the Baptist, and he will cleanse you with water,
when you find him that day.
After this shall come to pass many people will believe in You and begin to follow,
for the Baptist will declare your name…’Jesus, the Son of God’.
But I must warn You My Son... the path you then shall travel
will be a difficult one to trod.

There will be some who will follow You and believe
and they will be the ones, who behind... You will soon leave,
to go forth to every corner of the Earth and testify
to the sinless life You have lived while You were yet alive,
and who watched You suffer when others turn against
You when it’s time for You to die.

You see My Son, the only hope for mankind to believe
is to have You betrayed and killed so that they may all be free.
Your Blood will be exchanged for their hearts so full of sin,
not just for one…but for every woman and man.
They must watch You die…but in three days You shall rise and again live,
and they’ll know in their hearts all the Love WE have to give.

Yes, you will suffer My Son, great anguish and pain,
for they will crucify You and blaspheme Your Holy Name.
But remember, My Angels will surround You when the time is at hand
and I’ll not let you suffer anymore than You are able to withstand.”

The Lord looked once again down upon the world He had created,
His heart heavily burdened for all those souls that were now lost
and as Jesus watched Him, He knew that He must go,
no matter what the cost.

“My Father, I am willing and able to go
for I too love Your people and I want them to know,
just how much of Your Love...You were willing to show.
You are their Father just as You are Mine...
and I’ll go save Your children while there is still time.

And when this cup has passed from Me and to You I have returned,
the glorious bells of Heaven shall ring joyfully as the Angels all rejoice
for only those who enter into Heaven, We know …will have made the right choice.”

Connie Burrow
All Rights Reserved© 1997

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