I envisioned a beautiful Spirit created within My own imagination.
On a venture to Earth to live among the lost who have
no idea of life's interpretations.
She's struggled onward through each and every valley
that ever came her way,
and look at her now...yes, look at this woman you see,
that long ago I created... yet finally lives,
truly being the Lady I created this day.

Extraordinary children were given unto her...to teach her
of My unconditional Love,
for they were each a selected Gift from My own special collection,
stored in My Home up above.
Now, after all her trials; her acceptance of life's battles
she has victoriously won
and she is able to rejoice and share them with others...
for she truly has overcome!

Her prayers are like unto the music of the song birds
constantly praising Me,
for each time she whispers a supplication,
the desires of her heart I can surely see.
Her Faith is as strong as the power of My Word
and obeys My Voice when she believes she has heard.

Her life shall spring forth and guide others
who too have suffered a broken heart,
for she now understands their pain,
for she too,,, knows torture as a volunteer victim…
yes, in anothers nightmare, she has taken a part.

But Oh...see her now!  A beautiful Rose growing
upon My hearts vine.
And she utters not a word against the thorns
as the gently breeze of My Holy Spirit pricks her
delicately from time to time.

Yes, a true vision of a woman
who has unselfishly chosen to give Me her life
and continues to find the time to love others
even tho' she's now a mother and a wife.

Her name is one so very precious in Heaven
for she is called one of My Daughters now, you see,
and she shall rule and reign forever with Me
throughout all eternity.

Connie  Burrow
Copyright© 1997
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