"Here, in the silence, you hear My voice.
Calmly, gently within your Spirit... Rejoice!
Listen quietly to what I have to say,
and you whisper sweetly back to Me in just the same way.

I AM here!  My presence you are beginning to feel.
An overwhelming warmth or a peacefulness will let you know I am real.
Just open your heart and receive My Anointing, for even today, I so freely give.
It shall strengthen your Spirit everyday you continue to live.

Today My Word comes straight from the Throne.
So listen with your heart, it will not steer you wrong.
We have heard your prayers...and We see your needs.
Your answers will come from My Word when you
begin to read.

For upon each page there is a message written just for you.
That will give you the direction in all you try to do.
Read it daily for it is a map written for your spirit and mind,
In no other book, will the Truth shall you find.

Pray without ceasing and believe in your heart,
that I love you so much, and in your life,
I AM the greatest part.
Go now and worry not any longer for your answer
is in My Word,
you may not understand it, but your spirit
understands and has heard."

Connie Burrow
All Rights Reserved © 1997
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