Jesus gazed out over God's great Universe,
and wondered if mankind had finally reached it's worst.
He watched as they fought war within their own hearts,
one against the other.
Father's against Son's... and Daughter's against Mother's.

He watched and experienced their self inflicted pains,
all for selfish reasons and what from the world
they might could gain.
After all He had tried to do,
He turned to His Father, His heart now sinking low,
"My Son... that is the reason to Earth you had to go."

'But, Father, it appears My sacrifice did no good!'
"Jesus, your sacrifice was what changed the hearts
of those that would."
'But Father, maybe I should go back once more,
before the appointed time to return...
Perhaps, if they could see Me... Our Love,
they might again begin to learn.'

"No, My Son, it is now to late...for they must now simply believe.
I know it is somewhat difficult,
for satan is there and many are yet still deceived.
Those who turn to Us now in this last hour of the day,
will have to trust in their hearts,
for they all have heard the right way.

Soon, you shall go back and claim those who believed in My Word,
for there are many who have come to believe the Truth,
yes... they were taught and their hearts have heard.
There are those who now have that Truth planted deep down inside their hearts.
Satan can not destroy them, even tho' he continues to tear them all apart.

You, My son, are the reason there have been many that have received and been saved,
for you have shown them the way Home, their way... your blood has paved.
Jesus, there is no need to shed your blood once again,
for those who are lost... are well aware of their hearts sins.
Come, you need to prepare yourself for there is much work for you here now to do.

Soon, We shall be receiving all those in to Heaven,
that have listened and chosen to believe in only You.

Connie Burrow
All Rights Reserved© 1997

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