"Oh, Holy Spirit, go tell them for Me,
that I know their troubles and their pain, oh yes, I do see.
Tell them to hold on, please do not give up this fight,

I shall soon come for them... and it could very well be this night.
Convince their hearts that My Words are true... still even to this day,
and if they will just believe and continue walking in Faith,
for oh....so many now have seemed to have fallen away.

Their Love for Me is neither hot nor cold,
for I see their form of worship... now appears to be boring and old.
Go instill into their hearts...a fresh anointing I'm sending
them this day,
in hopes that they shall once again enjoy their
Salvation and experience Joy just as We do in Our Heavenly way.

For without Us they shall never see Peace anymore,
as they did in the beginning, when Jesus opened their hearts door.

Tell them I am their Father and I need their help once again,
to lead others Home, for there are still so many more who yet
live in sin.
Assure them Jesus is ready to leave...for I shall send Him very soon.
Those who aren't ready will face much destruction and
earth's final doom.

As it was in the days of Noah, they will have waited too late,
by the time Jesus departs through the Heaven's pearly gates.
Time will be as it was before, mankind will surely be lost
I gave up my Son, My greatest gift...never again
will I pay such a cost."

Connie Burrow
©1997 All Copyrights Reserved

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