The old woman rocked back and forth in her chair,
while the world continued spinning by her, she patiently
rested there.
Her gray hair braided tightly upon her head, her face wrinkled and worn,
told of the worries of life she had encountered... since the day she had been born.

But there was something so special about her, in a spiritual sort of way,
for she would hum to herself the old hymns from her past and read her Bible each and every day.

From the smile on her face and the gentleness in her voice, you could feel the love she had down
deep in her heart,
and if you asked her the reason, her testimony she would start.
"I'm old and I'm feeble... but my life, I have lived.
I've never had nothing much, except only myself...I could give.

I never had no money, or nothing fancy like you folks
have today,
we only had each other, you know.... a family.... it was so special that way.
And you matter what ever happened, we still managed to find time to pray.

Why...we were thankful for the blessings we all had!
Yes, I remember...even during the worst of times... didn't really seem to bother us all that bad.
We were all so satisfied then... you know, way down deep... in our hearts.
Unlike you...My friend, for what we had...this old world couldn't tear apart.

You people today face such problems and turmoil in your life.
You're all so worried and burdened down with so much unnecessary strife!
Nothing ever makes you're still searching even today,
ways to make your load just know there's got to be a better way!

Just listen to me, and I'll tell you how it's done!
For you're all fighting a battle... that's already been won!
Don't worry about making it in this ole' world anymore,
'Cause it's time you looked at the reason... you were really
put here for!

You see, you're time is very short here on this earth,
and what you learn while your here... well, is really all it's worth.
Don't you see... you're gonna' be old one day soon too,
and you'll still find yourself lacking something then... just as I still do.

You know... it really doesn't matter what you have or what
you earn,
for there's surely a day a comin' ...and it's gonna' be your turn.
The only thing you need to know is what this here Bible reads
and even though I'm just about blind...I still can see.
That Jesus was born and then later...He died an awful death... just for me,
And because He loved me so sins are forgiven and very soon now...
Praise God, I know I'll be free!

For when I leave this old world..that you all seem to love
so behind,
I'll be going to my Home in Heaven...where I know a mansion
I'll find!
Oh, the beauty! The joy! The peace I'm gonna' have up there...
My friend, there's nothing in this world that could even
begin to compare!

I'll be wearing a robe of the purest white, and walk on streets paved with gold!
Oh, what a glorious sight it's all gonna' be to behold!
And there... standing on the banks of that River of Life,
with His arms stretched out reaching just for me...
will be my sweet Jesus, Oh...His face I just can't wait to see!"

The old woman leaned back in her chair,
her heart pounding in her chest from the excitement of
almost being there.
She picked up her Bible then continued on to say...
"If you really want to be happy...then you can be today!
All you need do is read His Words in this book and He'll show you the way.

Just think about it! If God loved us enough to give us His Son...
And to have allowed Him to forgive all the wrong we
have ever done...
and then... to go prepare us all such a place as Heaven in which to live,
don't you think in this sinful world, He would surely
be glad to give,
all the things you could possibly ever need in this world
you call Life,
just to keep you from suffering through all these
problems and all this strife?

Please...listen to what I say to you today, for at any moment now you just might hear the Lord say...
"All the chances you had...all the years I gave you, I'm sorry My Child, I don't know you today,
for you have never cared enough to have ever
learned the way!"

Connie Sue Burrow
All Rights Reserved© 1997
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