The old home place won't be the same now as it was before,
for today we placed a wreath on my Mama's door.

For you see, God Himself came to our house today
and took my dear, sweet Mama... home with Him to stay.

A deep, bitter sadness now fills my heart and mind,
even though I knew she'd soon be was only
a matter of time.

Through the years of sickness, she stayed as long as she could,
for to get any better...we all knew she never would.

She now is at peace... she doesn't suffer anymore,
and because of our  Mama's faith,
she now walks with the Angels... on Heaven's  golden shores.

The Heavenly Choir begins to sing, while the angels all rejoice,
and there in the midst of them all...  oh I can almost
hear my Mama's sweet voice.

Her crown of life is placed on her head as she enters
those streets of gold.
Jesus Himself leads the way to a mansion... so beautiful, oh so beautiful to behold.

Friends and family send flowers of love that will only
die and wither away,
but the flowers of life in her Heavenly home... I know we too... shall see
them one day.

Because of the testimony she lived every day of her life...and the endless
love so naturally she would give,
I know God blessed her in many ways and because of her beliefs,
I know my Mama now eternally lives.

Even tho' we can't see her but down deep in our hearts,
the memories of our lives together... assures me, we will never be far apart.

I love her so much and I will miss her so,
but I believe God must have needed her... that's why He chose her to go.

(In loving memory of Myrtle. Johnson of NC)

Connie S. Burrow
© 1997 All Rights Reserved

Please Email me if you would like to use this Sermonette in your Church or Groups. I would love to hear if this blessed your heart as much as it did mine and the family I wrote this for, in 1997. I was asked to write something that went along with "Learn the Way", which was given to me 2 days before Mrs. Johnson passed away. This was a special request by her Daughter during her Mama's Funeral.  I sealed it in an envelope and I'm not sure if she's read it to this day, she told me she would when the hurt passed. I pray it will be a blessing to you all who have lost your Mothers. 
Aagin, please... its for sharing and not For Commercial Use!
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