As I lay in my bed, I prayed for an answer...just hoping an Angel might appear.

Just as quickly as I had asked, I felt a peaceful presence
draw so near.

And a beautiful, white figure of light filled my room immediately!

There standing before me, an Angelic vision I could see.

"Do not be afraid!" She responded to my fright.

God has sent me to deliver a message on this special night.

He has heard your prayers and has granted you your request;

you have faithfully traveled your journey and passed surmountable tests.

But... before your desire to serve God's Kingdom... should
ever manifest,

you have one great decision now to make... at God's
personal request.

To serve and except His anointing, you must decide if you are willing to pay the cost.

For you are asked to give up your own life in order to save others who are now lost.

Persecution and slander may befall your earthly name.

Many will accuse you of seeking only fortune and worldly fame.

Maybe even a false prophet is what you'll soon be called,

and should you make this decision, you may be subject to a great fall!"

I sat quietly up in my bed and wiped the tears now falling from my eyes,

and I realized in my spirit, I had to at least give it a try.

"If God cared enough to send an Angel my way,

He already knew my answer and I stand in faith and say,

there is no challenge in this world that I could ever face

that could ever compare to my Jesus' saving grace.

For if He could endure the trials, the torture and the
dying pain,

all for me... then I count it all joy and hopefully will
somehow gain.

The Lord's blessing to know His hand will lead me
safely through.

I pray for his anointing in all that I'm about to say and do.

My decision is yes, I shall give my life to our Lord God Almighty,

and face whatever lies ahead in the darkness that's before me.

If but only for one soul who's in this world now lost,

It will be worth it all...
Oh yes, I'm willing to pay the cost."

Connie S. Burrow
Copyright 1997 All Rights Reserved

See, I am sending an Angel before you to lead you safely!
Exodus 23:20 -

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