What is a Web Booth?
And What Does it Cost?
The Basic Standard Web Booth we offer for your one-time $20 Set Up Fee and a $10 a month Rental Fee consists of the following.


1) A Logo you have or we will make for you of Name of your Business.
2) An Introduction to your Customers 1-2 paragraphs.
3) Display 1-3 Images of your choice. Can be 3 items to sell or possibly your picture or picture of your workshop or family.
4) We choose the background colors and Headers to create your WEb Booth page that we feel will best enhance your products.
5) You may use your Paypal Account if you have one, otherwise you will advise your customer on how to order your products or services.
6) Or an Order Form to fill out by your Customers that you supply to us may be placed on your Web Booth Page.
7) A Visitor Counter
8) A Guestbook.
9) You will receive 1 listing under the Catagory you have chosen. Any additional listings are extra as you will see below. 

A Web Booth is actually a Web Page but we call them Web Booths in the Kairos Market Place. We do all the work in setting up your Web Booth page according to the information you supply us. We submit your Web Booth to the top Search Engines plus various others on a regular basis at no additional cost to you.

The Kairos Market Place is a 1St Come 1st  Serve Arrangement according to the way you will be listed in Kairos Market Place. Please fill out the information on the Web Booth Application Form to determine what you desire to advertise in your Web Booth. Samples of our work are all through out this web site, so if you have any questions please Email us and we'll help you anyway we can.

These Fees Apply to private Individuals, Non-Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations Only!
If you have a large company and are on the web, please Contact Connie our WebMaster to set up a Banner Exchange with your company or to obtain a Customized Web Booth or a Web Site Within the Kairos Market Place.
Additional Information
1) Cost for this Basic Web Booth Page is a 1 time fee of $20 - Non Refundable, PLUS $10 per month Due the 1st day of each consecutive month for as long as you are listed in the Kairos Market Place as a Web Booth. Rent Begins on Day we publish. Please pay the 1st Months rent upon approval of your Web Booth.

2) Payments may be mailed to Kairos International by PayPal, Check, Money Order make your payments. Your Web Booth will be started at the time your payment is received. Approximately  it will take 3 to 5 Business days to complete your Web Booth page and return to you for approval. Upon receipt of approval, we publish all Web Booth Sites Every Wednesday of each Week!
Please fill out the Application Form to obtain your Web Booth.  Copy it and return it along with the Rules and Regulations to the address below. We do reserve the right to turn down any product we do not feel is not appropriate.

In the event you want to become a member in the Kairos Market Place and are unable for some reason to pay the low fees we require, please email us and explain your situation. We will discuss your situation with the Board of Directors and try to work out a payment plan with you.
Kairos Market Place Web Booth Rental
You may total up your fees and pay by PayPal
or mail your Application to:

Kairos International
172 Palmer Drive
Clayton, NC  27527
Ph: 919-550-6830 or Fax: 919-550-9736
Email Us: Gospelpin@earthlink.net to discuss your payment options. We will help you get started any way we can.