It's time for the Churches of this sinful day,
to come out of their sleep and hear what I have to say!
Look at yourselves... are you where you should be?
You follow your own desires... you don't follow Me.
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My Spirit grieves to see you have all gone astray.
You appear to be more worried what someone else might think
or what tomorrow...they might have to say.
Instead of the day when you'll answer only to Me,
for I am no longer in your world, I see.
What if I cut you out of My thoughts...and out of My Life?

Yes, just think of your sorrows then, just think of all your strife.
You will suffer greatly when I am no longer willing to do,
the work, in your lives you all expect, when you call upon Me too.

No longer do you fear Me... yes, I do see deep into your hearts.
And don't think for one minute of time, your breath...your life,
I could  allow satan to totally tear your world apart.

For in your lives, you have created a world filled with deceitful content,
and you now neglect My Holy Spirit...and this, I do resent.
Let this be a warning unto to each and every one of you.
You... are to speak My Word... I've called you all to do.

For I could allow far greater damage... than you ever can,
for the feelings of others... are only emotions... or what may be thoughts
of the physical man.

My Word is the only fire that will ever... burn your sins out,
and you all must go back, to what Jesus is really all about.
Tell of His love, His death and blood He shed upon that wooden Cross
and He did it all for one save those that were lost!

Put Him first in your life once again or else...
the cost will be great... you all may have to pay,
for not preaching the Truth... come My Judgement Day!

Connie  Burrow
© 1997 All Copyrights Are Reserved

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